Good Dog Fetch 2018 Fun~Year of the Dog

2018 has rolled in with crazy weather and lots of sickness. I hope all of you are feeling healthy and ready to enjoy some special time with your dogs.

It is the year of the dog. And what a year it will be. There will be lots of fun one hour workshops to enjoy as well as the usual manners classes, Canine Good Citizen refreshers and testing and Tricks classes. This year, AKC has added trick titles so you and your pup can earn a few titles for all the fun things they know. Plus, there is still the ongoing Fun-gility class on Sunday too.

A few new things coming up, Canine Enrichment Craft classes and Wine, Wags & Wisdom (An evening for you and your dog to socialize and hear a talk on specific topics).


Beginning Manners classes are open for enrollment as well as our annual Easter Egg Eggs-travaganza.  As usual, it is the weekend AFTER Easter so we are not overrun at the park. Plus, new this year, a St. Patty’s day hour of fun, creating an enrichment toy for your furballs.

Make sure to watch the website and your email so you don’t miss any of the fun this year. 

Come join the fun. I am look forward to seeing all of you!

Happy Training!

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