Classes and Private Session Information

Click on the dog to be taken to the class page! 

 See the fun videos of previous classes & workshops:

“Annual Easter Egg Hunt”

“Snuffle Ball Workshop”

“A Street Car Named Desire”

“Lounging Around”




Private Sessions ~ by appointment. 

Private sessions are offered all year long.

Please click on the “dog” above  if you are interested in setting up a session. Then click on the appointments tab.

  • Location ~ I come to you. We work on what you feel is top priority!!
  • A session is approximately 1 hour, Session fee is $125.00
  • Training packages are available, email for pricing
  • Click  to schedule an appointment 
  • Or contact me at or 214-253-9016 to schedule an appointment.

Gus, giving a handshake

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10 thoughts on “Classes and Private Session Information

  1. Robin,
    Heidi is looking forward to beginning her manners training in the fall. Please let us know as soon as you get a class organized.

  2. Do you work on puppy socialization with humans? I have a 4 month old Siberian Husky who’s scared of strangers. 😦

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