And yet, another goodbye|Zoe AAA/AAT

Grief, such an interesting emotion, Sadness, anger, memories of joy, all rolled into another emotion. This week, I am experiencing an abundance of overwhelming, heart breaking, gut wrenching grief. I was forced to say goodbye to my Zoe, therapy dog angel, on Thursday. Reliving the same experience I just had with Charlie a few short […]

Meet the Trainer|East Dallas Vet Clinic Open House

I don’t know about you, but I am very particular about many things when it comes to my animals. One of those things is the veterinarian I see and the clinic they work in. It took me a year of checking out clinics, interviewing their staff and meeting veterinarians. But I found a place that I absolutely trust, […]

Just for Kids and their Dogs|Good Dog Fetch

Wow, this new series is created with just the kids and dogs in mind. We want our children to have a special bond with our furry family members. What better way to do that, then to have them take responsibility for teaching the furry one manners and a few tricks. And to help them communicate […]