Happy Dogs|Using Their Brains

New classes are just around the corner. Can you believe we are almost into September? Look at these pup & their humans having fun from previous classes. Come & join us. Email gooddogfetch@gmail.com  for a registration form Happy dogs and their humans video Beginning Manners Class ~Thursdays 7 pm September 6- October 11 Location~ EastLake Veterinary  Hospital, 10101 E. […]

Good Morning America|Zombie Fighting Dog

Wow, our story aired on Good Morning America yesterday morning.  Can you believe it, a zombie fighting dog and positive reinforcement training on national television! Whoo Hoo. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/dog-wards-off-zombies-sleep-deprivation-parents-adopt-rescue-animal-son-us-16141577

WFAA Channel 8|Zombie Fighting Dog

It is very exciting. WFAA thought a zombie fighting dog was really a great thing. And so does Sawyer, who owns Malcolm, the zombie fighting dog. WFAA ran their story on last nights news. Check out the story here.  http://www.wfaa.com/news/entertainment/pets/Mans-best-friend-chases-away-young-boys-nightmares-147378245.html Man’s best friend chases away young boy’s nightmares  by TINA FOSTER WFAA Posted on April […]

No More Zombies | Training kids to train dogs

The undead used to keep eight year old Sawyer McMullan awake at night. “He knew it was an irrational fear, but he still wanted someone to sleep with him,” Sawyer’s mom, Dawn McMullan, explained. A Halloween story spurred the sleepless nights, and the family spent two years trading out zombie watch duties. “Sawyer’s older brother […]