And yet, another goodbye|Zoe AAA/AAT

Grief, such an interesting emotion, Sadness, anger, memories of joy, all rolled into another emotion. This week, I am experiencing an abundance of overwhelming, heart breaking, gut wrenching grief. I was forced to say goodbye to my Zoe, therapy dog angel, on Thursday. Reliving the same experience I just had with Charlie a few short […]

Dog Photography|Good Dog Fetch

Dogs…what are they? Well……… they are dogs, barking, shedding, 4 leggers, protectors and comforters. But also our best friends, furry companions, and family member. No longer are they relegated to the back yard, but are now given the poshest bed in the house, and probably sleep with you in your bed or your childs bed. So […]

Unleashed Workshops|Good Dog Fetch

It is so exciting!! Good Dog Fetch has been named the Official Dog Trainers of the Unleashed Workshops. This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Unleashed Workshop, handling all of the dog models for the 19 photographers that came to Dallas from around the country. It was a lot of […]