Bored, oh so bored.

Is your dog ready to go out of their mind? 


Are you ready to go out of your mind because your dog is acting up while we are all quarantined? I know my dogs are enjoying some of the extra games I am giving them. While they love me being home all day, we don’t get to do all of our extra curricular activities.

So I am going to give you some fun things you can set up for your dog to help pass the time. And these are all with items you have at home. No need to shop anywhere. Raid your cabinets, your refrigerator or pantry.

Below is a list of items in my Boredom Buster video. Be creative. There are plenty of things you can use from around the house. Take videos and share them with me. On my Facebook page or via email at

  • empty toilet paper rolls
  • empty paper towel rolls
  • cardboard egg crate
  • towel
  • cardboard box
  • wrapping paper, butcher paper or whatever you have
  • cups
  • plastic bottle with cap

Here is a video compilation of my dogs game night the other night. They had a grand time!

Have fun, use your imagination, monitor your dog so they do not swallow anything they shouldn’t and stay healthy and safe.

Happy Training!!!