Products We love

Because I love these products so much, I am offering  them to you via my website.  I use these products myself and believe in them.

Freedom No-Pull Harness

This harness is a great tool to use along with loose leash walking training. It is not a  “cure” for pulling. Your training is what will help modify your dogs behavior. And the addition of this harness makes walking a nice affair.


Doorbell for Potty Training

I am  offering a short two-part class along with your doorbell purchase to help teach you and your dog how to potty train using the doorbell. There are two ways for you to purchase this product. With the class or by itself.

Blue bell with Class  $ 59.95   ($29.95 bell plus $30.00 for the two part class )

Blue Bell only $29.95 plus 2.50 shipping

Pink Bell with Class  $59.95 (29.95 Bell plus  $30.00 for the two-part class )

Pink Bell only $29.95 plus 2.50 shipping

Nite-Ize for evening walks

Walking your dog at night? It’s hard for cars and pedestrians to see them in the dark. These products are terrific to “light up your dog”. I use these for all of my dogs and myself.

NNL-03-10_l[1]Collar Covers

      The Nite-Ize Leash $15.00  ea.     The Nite-Ize Collar Cover

                                                               (grey or pink ) $12.00 ea.

Nite-Ize Spot-Lit

Nite-Ize Spot-Lit

The Nite-Ize Spot Lit $7.00 ea


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