Products We love

I just  love these products.  I use all these myself and believe in them. I do sell the these items if you are interested.

Freedom No-Pull Harness

This harness is a great tool to use along with loose leash walking training. It is not a  “cure” for pulling. Your training is what will help modify your dogs behavior. And the addition of this harness makes walking a nice affair.


Sure-fit Harness

Another nice harness to help manage the pull.


Doorbell for Potty Training


Nite-Ize for evening walks

Walking your dog at night? It’s hard for cars and pedestrians to see them in the dark. These products are terrific to “light up your dog”. I use these for all of my dogs and myself.

NNL-03-10_l[1]Collar Covers

      The Nite-Ize Leash                                                                       The Nite-Ize Collar Cover

                                                               Nite-Ize Spot-Lit

Nite-Ize Spot-Lit


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