Private Sessions

Private Sessions ~ by appointment. 

  • Location ~ I come to you. We work on what you feel is top priority!!
  • A session is approximately 1 hour, the Session fee is $150.00
  • Training packages are available, pricing is as follows:
    • individual session = $150.00 ea.
    • 2-4 sessions = $135.00 ea.
    • 5+ sessions = $125.00 ea
    • Packages rates are to be paid in full at our first training session, otherwise single training session fees apply.
    • You have 3 months in which to use 3 sessions, 4 months to use 4 sessions and 5 months to use 5 sessions. If your sessions are not used in that time frame, your lessons and fees will be forfeited.
    • There are no refunds granted for any training services
    • Cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. If a session is canceled less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for that session fee.

Family Paws Parent Education ~ by appointment

  • Is a baby or grandbaby in your family’s future?
  • Are you planning for children to be visiting or living in your home?
  • Do you have a young baby that will be entering the mobility stage?
  • Do you have questions about how to increase safety and decrease stress between your dog and baby/toddler?

If so, then Good Dog Fetch is the place for you! Robin is a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator and has taken an extensive course about dog and baby/toddler dynamics and is specially qualified to support you.

We understand how important your dog is to you and with the addition of a baby or the excitement of a newly walking toddler, it can bring new questions or issues.

We would love to have the opportunity of helping you set your human and furry family up for success.

Initial session price is $150.00 for an hour assessment and plan building. Different support plans can be discussed at the first assessment.

Separation Anxiety ~ by appointment

  • Does your dog struggle when you leave the house or with alone time? 
  • Signs of Separation anxiety can be: defectating, chewing walls, non stop barking, whining, drooling, or excessive anxiety before you leave the house?
  • We will customize a package to work with your dog and your goals for your dog.
  • Initial virtual hour consult $150.00
  • Training subscriptions $75-150 weekly (depending on customized plan)
    • Weekly 30 minute zoom sessions
    • Up to 5 customized training plans a week 
    • Video review of independent training exercises
    • Access to the exclusive SA Pro app
    • Available on WhatsApp as needed
    • Two days of rest (no training exercises)