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I am surprised how many times I am asked if an old dog can learn new things. When I ask how old the dog is, I am even more surprised when people say, “oh he’s old, he’s three or he’s six. Or she’s seven”. Really???? Age three??? That’s old?? Seven?? I am not sure where people get theses funny notions, but many dogs can live to be 12 to 16 years old. Seven is NOT old. And just because a human or a dog has a big number for their age DOES NOT mean they stop learning.

I know as I age, my body is not as limber as it was when I was in my teens or 20’s. And I may forget a tidbit that I was told, well, because honestly, it just was not that important for me to remember. However, I don’t forget my manners. I still eat with a fork and knife. I still say please and thank you and I am always willing to learn a new way of doing things.

So when you ask if your dog is too old, I say balderdash…..we are never too old to learn.

This year, I had so many wonderful opportunities to teach old /young dogs and old/ young humans. They all soaked up the new information with relish, and I even learned a thing or two. Here are some highlights of the year.

Vincelee and Mario (under her chair)

Vincelee and Mario (under her chair)

Meet Ms. Vincelee Alexander, 99 years young (yep, human age 99), who wanted training help with her little dog and cats.

11 year old Toby graduates basic manners class

11 year old Toby graduates basic manners class


And Anne V’s Toby. 11 years young, and so excited to be in a class environment. He may not see well, but that nose knew every time I walked thru the door


Then we have our youngsters, look at this 5 year old human running fun-gility with his pup. Wheee….

Bridger the pup and his boy

Bridger the pup and his boy

Here are more highlights of 2014. It was  fun year with lots of great success stories.

New Canine Good Citizens:

pride 19 - Copy

Pitbull Pride Day: Ollie, Stanley, Sadie

cgc alma 4




  cgc logo


 Fun-gility class

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Continuing manners/ Out and About

Retail Therapy

harley 2

chance 2


lincoln 210712773_494876467281689_3172155378991742315_n

beejay 1belle 1

Dining Al Fresco



It was a busy year, lots of single day workshops and 6 week classes. Something for everyone.  No dog is too young or too old. And neither are the humans.

I hope we have something that you and your dog will enjoy this year. Keep an eye out for the new class schedule coming soon!!

Good Dog Fetch wishes each and every one of you and your furry family members

a Happy and Healthy 2015!!!

See you soon!!