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Potty training. Everyone’s dream job! Whether you have brought a new puppy into your fold, an older dog, a purebred, a rescue…..they will all need to be potty trained for your home. Since I foster dogs, I get to talk to a lot of folks that are looking to add a new addition to their home. And quite often I hear, “I want a dog that is completely potty trained”. Sometimes it is hard to not laugh.

As a foster for rescue, are the dogs I take in, taught potty training skills? Of course they are. But that just means they are potty trained in MY home. Not necessarily in yours. The dogs understand the concept of going potty outside.  And that is a rescue group or breeders main goal to teach before the dog leaves the comfort of our homes. But think about this. If you were to go and stay in a rental house that you have never been to before, how long would it take for you to be able to walk to the bathroom, in the dark, without running into anything? A few days probably. You will become accustom to the path by repeatedly walking it. The dog does the same. They know their potty place is outside, but it takes a few days to learn the pattern of your household. Where the back door to the yard is, how to notify you they want to go out to do their business, etc.

There are some dogs that even, over time, really don’t give a very clear indication that they need for you to open the door. If your dog is not giving you good indicators of their needs, we have all heard about training the dog to ring the bells. Well, most bells that you can find, are not very loud, and are not easy for the dog to touch and make enough noise for you to hear.

So in doing some research to help a client, I came across this newfangled gadget, Pebble Smart Doggy Doorbell.twin-blue-pink

Since those of you that know me, know I do not recommend anything until I try it out first, I bought one. I figure I can teach my older dog, who sometimes needs to go out in the middle of the night, to ring the bell because many times I do not feel her nudge my arm at 3 o’clock in the morning.

I received my Pebble Smart in the mail last week. I am surprisingly impressed with the construction, the instructions and how it works. Since I have a multiple dog household, I have been splitting the group into two groups. One set goes outside while I work with the other. In two days, two 10 minute sessions, I already have several dogs that have figured out how to push the paddle to make the bell sound. I’m impressed.

The wireless receiver has quite a few musical tunes to select from.  I have tried them all. And I can hear them all, thru out my house.

I am impressed enough that I will recommend this to you, my clients and friends. It’s pretty awesome and a new mom and pop company. Check out their website to see what you think for yourself.

And no, I am not paid anything for this endorsement! Nor am I getting kickbacks!! (That would be nice.  Be sure to tell them I sent you though!!)

I just like finding new products that are everything they say they are and can help our furry family members communicate more clearly to us.

I have another product to tell you about, but that will be another day. I’ll keep you waiting in anticipation!

Happy Potty Training!