Happy Birthday America!

As we celebrate the birth of our nation and thank the men and women that have served our country, please do not forget that this is a difficult holiday for our beloved furry partners.

Fireworks are terribly scary to our dogs.

We celebrate with picnics, BBQ’s, boat rides on the lake, and noisy fireworks and we want our dogs to enjoy the day with us. However, we forget and are not as diligent as we should be when our furry partners are with us and we are having fun doing human things.

Please think about leaving your dogs at home, in the air conditioning. It is was to hot outside for them now. And the chance of someone leaving a gate open or forgetting to close a door behind them is huge. We all say, “oh, it will never happen to us.” Yet, every 4th of July, large amounts of dogs go missing, Not only do they get out of their yard or an open door, the fireworks scare them so much they panic and run. If you have ever tried to find a dog that has had the wits scared out of them, good luck.

One of the trainers I admire, posted a really great blog about how to keep your dogs safe this 4th of July. It’s a quick video with 20 approaches you can do to prep your dog for a day they do not enjoy near as much as you do.

I hope you enjoy the video (it’s short)and put some of the suggestions into play.


Enjoy your day and let freedom ring!