Thank you Times Ten Cellars

for allowing us to host our class on your patio. Of course, I was crazy and forgot to take pictures of all the well-mannered dogs, their humans, the oils, the wine and the yummy cheese trays. However, we have a great photo of Woody posing at the entry sign!

woody at times te cellars.JPG

Our Essential Oils class was a big success! We learned so much about how to help our dogs stay healthy, relax, and benefit from what pure essential oils can do for them.

Did you know that most essential oils are not really pure? They are adulterated with other liquids. Making them less than ideal to use on our dogs. There are only a few companies out there that tell you exactly where their oils come from, how they are made and are transparent concerning the whole company.

DoTerra Essential Oils is one of those companies and the one that came out to speak to us. This is the brand of oils I keep in my house and use on myself, my dogs, fosters and clients dogs. Just as any other thing in life, they will affect everyone differently. It never hurts to give them a try to see if they work for you or your fur babies.

Below is a copy the wonderful handout we were given as a guide on what to do for your pets. It is a guide only.

If anyone would like to try an oil or two but you do not want to purchase a membership, I have opened a Good Dog Fetch membership and you are welcome to send me your order to place under that account so you get the wholesale pricing. Just shoot me an email and I will take care of it for you. An added bonus to the services I offer! Or if you have questions, send  an email to

essential oil pg 1

essential oils pg 2

Thank you to Jen for her wonderful presentation & to Times Ten Cellars and their customers who were super impressed with our well-mannered dogs.

Stay healthy and relaxed.