Happy and Healthy New Year everybody.

It is hard to believe the year is 2020. I remember when it was New Years Eve 1999 and everyone thought all computers would crash at 12.01 am 2000. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and I guess nothing dramatic happened New Years Day 2020 either.

This is a good time though, to reflect back on what you would have liked to do with your dogs and didn’t and make the choice to do something about it.

To start off the new year fresh, consider taking a basic manners class with your dog. Or maybe your dog already has some skills. Then a drop-in series of classes might be a better fit. Polish your skills and have fun going to an ongoing class, proofing the skills you already have and meeting like minded people too.

Maybe you want to see if your dog has what it takes to be a therapy dog. Come try out this short class to see what it takes for you and your pup.

Do you want to have some fun and learn crate games or tricks? Or go on an outing with your pup? Watch the website for these and more classes as I get them added to the calendar.

I have Beginning Manners starting Sunday, Feb 16 at 6:30 pm. This is a great class for puppies and dogs new to your home. Even if you have done a few privates with me, this is still a great class for you and your dogs to learn in real life settings. Sign up is open now.

And while you are thinking about new things, here is a great article about never training out a dogs growl.

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Happy Training!