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I am such a crazy dog lady!!I know you all say that behind my back (as I roll my eyes),  so I will admit it, I am! I spoil the heck out of my dogs and I love every second of it.

The other night I needed to run by the pharmacy and I thought, why not take a dog or two, or three….It’s fun for me  and fun for them, and I get company in the car.

Getting them all suited up for the adventure takes me the longest.  Harnesses for each. Each of their leashes  and of course, their lite up accoutrements. Most of the kids in my house are black. I am always drawn to fluffy black dogs. And they are hard to see at night. Vincent is 60 lbs. and I cannot see him in front of me on a dark evening if he is not lit up. So if I can’t see him, even though he is at the end of my leash, drivers certainly can’t see him.  That is a pretty scary thought when we walk at night.  I have had LED light up collars for my dogs for years. Way before they became popular. But even with the collar, it is sometimes difficult to see these black guys.

NNL-03-10_l[1]My friend surprised me with a light up leash last year and since then, we all look like a lit up Christmas tree when we go out walking. No way you  can miss us now!!! Flashing LED leash… check, flashing LED collar… check, flasher for me……..oops, what happened? I forgot me. So of course, I needed  my own LED flasher. Now, flasher for me…..check.

I love this particular product and have tried many of the items they have to offer. You will be surprised at all the little fun things they have. I am addicted now. I am using NiteIzeNite Dawg LED pet leash, Nite Dawg LED dog collar, Nite Dawg LED collar covers, ClipLit, and SpotLit. Zoe even has a FlashFlight Dog Discuit.

Back to my story. Three dogs harnessed up, leashed up and their SpotLit’s  attached and turned on. Into the car we go.  Mackie, my long haired black mini doxie, Dapper Dan, the black dapple twinny Doxie foster and Vincent, my black flat coated border collie mix. The dachshunds have car seats so they are up higher in the seat and they can get seat buckled in. Vincent has his own place with a seat belt attachment as well.

My car was glowing. Imagine an alien space ship all lit up from the inside. We looked like we were floating down the road. First stop.  Starbucks. I take my dogs to Starbucks drive thru a lot. I purchase my drink and the dogs always get a puppy whip. What, you ask, is a puppy whip or some places call it a pup..achino. Aww, the gracious folks at Starbucks will give you a dollop of whipped cream in a tiny tasting cup or on the lid of a coffee cup for the dog’s pleasure. Hello Starbucks greeter… I would like to order a xxxxx and a puppy whip. The guy at thelogo[2] window this evening was quite funny. When he saw all the dogs, in their various seats and lite ups, he said, “look… you have a large, vinti and grande” in your car. I thought that was pretty funny. Because I did.  A  12 pounder, a 15 pounder and a 60 pounder. And me…. ah hem….not telling pounder.

Drinks enjoyed and next stop CVS drive thru. For those of you that don’t know, CVS also keeps dog treats at the drive thru windows. So I get my meds, the dogs get doggy treats.

What a great night. To know that so many places now welcome and cater to well  mannered dogs.  Even if I am a crazy dog lady!