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Do you ever wonder if anything you do will make a difference? And what exactly does that mean? “To make a difference?”

Sometimes it means holding the door open for someone who is walking behind you, or helping an older person in the grocery store when they can’t reach what they want on the high shelf. Sometimes it means, helping a friend out of a pickle with a flat tire, a dead battery or just lending them an ear after a bad day.

Many days, to me, it means having enough love in my heart to take in one more foster dog to help them prepare to find their forever home. Or having a helping hand for someone who is not quite sure how to handle their dog in a specific situation. Or maybe, it is watching another person try to make their difference for the day, by taking on a rescue dog no one else wants.

All it takes to make a difference is one person……..that’s it, just one person. I think I am truly lucky to know so many “one persons”.

This is Emily. A previous bait dog, one that had her ears scissor off, and was not given a chance. And now one of my students. Here is her story, as told by her human mom.