A Pandemic…..

who could have ever imagined we would see this in our lifetime?

I know it has been a very strange and stressful time for everyone. Quarantine has been lonely and depressing.

But it sure has given me a huge kick in the behind to find different ways of doing business and bringing you fun things to do with your pets. Hopefully, you all enjoyed the Boredom Busters video. I know my dogs love those games and it always makes me feel so much better when I know I am working their brains.

The puppy population has grown exponentially since the onslaught of Covid-19. Forget a baby boom, everyone is bringing home puppies! Since it is still not safe to hold classes, my veterinary clinic and I have teamed up to bring you some helpful videos to get your puppy on the right path while we are still social distancing. You can find the links to the videos at East Dallas Veterinary Clinics website.  They are $18.00 each and you can view the ones you purchase as many times as you like. Stop them, pause them, try the exercise and un-pause. You can email me questions if you do not understand a section of the video.

If you are looking for a new vet for your new puppy, I love the team at East Dallas Veterinary Clinic. I have been going to this clinic for about 15 years. That says a lot to me. Check them out if you have a chance.  They would be happy to give you a tour once they are open to having people walk into the clinic. For pandemic times, they come out to your car and take your dog inside for whatever is needed.

So besides doing videos, I am going to offer a live virtual class for tricks! Tricks are so much fun. Your dog can earn their tricks titles too. All you have to do is video the tricks, send me the video and I can evaluate them via video. Super easy, super fun.

If your dog has their Canine Good Citizen, they only need to do 5 tricks to get their Novice Trick Dog Title. If they do not, your dog will need 10 tricks. I will teach you 10 tricks in the tricks class and your evaluation will be included. If your dog already knows tricks, send me the video, in one long video or in snippet’s and it will be $10.00 for me to evaluate you.

Click here to see the tricks that are required for a novice title.

Here is part of the video I did with my mini dachshund, Mackie, for an example. I think 9 tricks are in this clip.

Stay Safe and keep having fun with your dog. And I hope to see you in the tricks class.

Happy Training!