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Hello, Hello…darn groundhog saw his shadow and 6 more weeks of winter. 

Members of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club’s Inner Circle revealed Phil’s forecast by poem, as is tradition.

“It’s mighty cold weather, you’ve been braving,” this year’s verse read. “Is it more winter or is it spring that you’re craving? Since you’ve been up all night and starting to tottle, I, Punxsutawney Phil, shall not dawdle,” the proclamation read. “My faithful followers, I could clearly see a beautiful, perfect shadow of me. Six more weeks of winter, it shall be!”

It’s been a weird winter to say the least. So I am hoping the weather continues on as its been. Not to hot, not too cold.

I am going to have faith and plan some of our classes.

First up, Continuing manners. Starting Saturday Feb. 18, at 1:00 pm. If you have already passed my basic manners class, you and your dog are eligible to take this class. We start out working on chaining cues, putting more than one cue together to create something else, and we will do several sessions out in public. Whoo hoo, I love taking the dogs into public and teaching you what to look for and how to read your dog. It is so much fun!

Next on the list, a few one hour workshops. It gives you guys the chance to pick what you’d like to work on and only spend one hour for one day on it. We will do a few going out in public and a few working on specific cues. Some of these workshops will help get you and your dog prepped to take the CGC, CGCA (Advanced) or CGCU (Urban). And I will be offering the tests for all the CGC titles.

I am also teaching part-time at What a Great Dog Richardson. I am teaching manners classes and pupgility (fun-gility) there. My teaching times are Tuesday evening, Thursday evening and Sundays. You can check out the website to see if I am teaching a class you’d like to take. If so, for those classes, you will need to sign up on their website and not mine.

Confused, shoot me an email….gooddogfetch@gmail.com

It’s going to be a fun spring!!!