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Reilly going for his first swim

It is one hot summer. At 100 degrees and above, we all want to keep cool, including our furry friends. It is boring staying inside in the air-conditioning all day, so I try to get my dogs out to play in the water. Some of my dogs like to lay in the baby pool, some like to swim in a “big pool” and some don’t care for the water at all. Even if your dog does not enjoy going into a pool or lake, you should still teach them the basics of swimming. And if you are going to have your dog near a body of water a lot, invest in a life jacket. Yes, there are life jackets for dogs too.

I found this article that talks about the fact that even though they are dogs, they do not all know how to swim instinctively. They may not have the right body type, they may panic at the thought, or they just have never had the opportunity to learn.
Please make sure you keep the furry ones safe as we roll into many of the water park dog days. Start small and work up to the big kahuna.

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