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Welcome to September everyone! It’s that time of the year to get your pups back into a class or two. The weather is going to be great and the holidays are right around the corner. If you want your furry friend to learn new manners or become proficient  and proof  lessons already learned with your dog, now is a great time.

Beginning manners class will start Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. This is a great class as a starter class. We start with sit, down, stay, walking on a loose leash and add a few tricks for some fun!! Plus add some socialization for good measure!

Continuing manners class will start Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.  This is a great next step for you and your dog. We start doing mat work so your dog can learn to go to their spot and relax. We will also start going out into public so you and your four legged friend can learn how to go into public together with nice manners. I love showing you how easy it is to take your dog with you to the places you love.  This is an ongoing class so it can be repeated as many times as you would like.

Clink on this link to be taken to the class sign up page.

Exciting News!!!

I am excited to announce that I have been hired as a part-time trainer at the new What a Great Dog! Richardson.  It is a quick 15 minutes from downtown Dallas – take 75/Central Expressway North to Arapaho. It is going to be very exciting to not have to worry about classes having to be canceled due to weather!!

Watch your inbox for more information as they get closer to opening in November.







What is happening with Fun-Gility & Workshops?

img_0109Have no fear…Good Dog Fetch is still offering classes and workshops.   Working part-time at What a Great Dog! Richardson is an added bonus.  Instead of me having to haul equipment around, set up, take down and worry about weather, What a Great Dog! Richardson is going to allow me to offer our Fun-gility class at their facility!!! Yay!!!! Inside, out of the elements and no worries about what equipment I can bring that day.  I am not sure yet of the time line as they have to get the facility open and figure out the scheduling of the ring. But I have been promised that any of my current fun-gility students will get first dibs on the class.

Workshops will still get scheduled as usual. I will offer a few in October so watch for an email about those. I have some great new ideas and new places I would like us to visit. I just need to do a little homework before I can announce them.

And finally…a personal update!

Many of you may not know that I had left knee replacement surgery July 27.  WOW…..I am now full of metal. The surgery went well and I am super pleased with my progress. I am starting to practice walking up and down stairs and walking more and more every day. It is amazing to be without the chronic, excruciating pain I had been in for the last few years. As this knee heals, I am preparing for the same surgery on my right knee on November 2. Yikes!  Until then, I am back up and running and available for private lessons for those who want them. Come November, I will be out of commission for about a month as they don’t allow me to drive for 4 weeks after surgery. The down time is temporary and I sorely miss seeing you and all of my furry friends. As the end of the year approaches, I will once again be back on my feet, better than ever, and pain free. And scheduling whatever you need from me.

Please feel free to email me or call me with questions, concerns, to schedule an appointment or inquire about a class.

Zoe and her Boa (2)



 Looking for a good holiday gift?

My friend Teresa Berg, is one of the best photographers I know! Every year I have her do a photo session of me and all my fur babies. I think it is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or to family members you love.

She gets crazy busy for the holidays, so if it is on your wish list, call her now to set an appointment.



Happy Training!!