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I love my dogs. In fact, I guess you could say my dogs are spoiled….a little…well, ok…. a lot. I use quite a few treats for my dogs. I use a super special, high value treat for training. I use treats when I am getting ready to leave my house and the dogs are asked to go to their room or kennel. I use treats after my dogs finish their dinner bowl to keep them out of everyone else’s bowl. And I use treats when I feel like giving my dogs something special….just because.

I am quite serious about what I feed my dogs. If I cannot eat it, I will not give it to them. I read every label of every bag of treats I buy. All bags must say made in the USA. No china manufactured stuff. The treats must have no corn and no by-products. Eeeeww, what is a by-product anyway? I want to know every single ingredient that goes into a treat. So there are many times I bake treats for my dogs instead of buying pre-made items.

In this cute video, you will see how fun it can be to have your kids help you make the dog treats.

And yes, if I make them, I try them. What cook do you know that doesn’t taste the food they are making?

Happy Baking!!

yummy dog cookies